About us

DigitalMedialab is a digital media developer and production house specialising in: Content Management & E-Commerce systems, Search Engineering, Virtual Reality Photography, Online Video Production & Digital Image Post-Production.
Our design work is based in Brighton, the south-coast media capital and our technical base at a datacenter in London Docklands at the heart of the UK's internet.
We work mainly at a B2B level supplying technical and design services for clients in internet related businesses.

Our Work

Content Management Systems

Content Management (CMS) systems are one of todays 'must haves' for a business website. A good CMS backend can make a far more effective web presence for anyone wishing to regularly update their own site. We have a range of systems that we've developed over many years in the business to enable us to add a CMS to almost any existing site.

E-Commerce Systems

At DigitalMediaLab we produce standards complient systems that give our clients the best e-commerce tools to build professional transaction websites that are designed to 'do the business' for all types of business and organisations.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

All webmasters know that ethical SEO techniques can improve a site's rankings.
We use our unique systems to work with our web designer clients and help deliver websites with visual appeal, outstanding navigation, good architecture, great content and help achieve excellent positions in Google search.

Virtual Reality Photography

We design high quality virtual tours and panoramic photography designed to bring you more business and we provide it at fantastic value for money. We have all the skills to create photography and content for a virtual tour to link to your existing website and if you already have some photo or video content, we can create a tour incorporating that material too.

Online Video Production

Today we all have easy access to online video material through YouTube and other services, so building video content into your website is now very easy. We produce and edit online video material and can host it on our dedicated servers.

Digital Image Post-Production

Photoshop has changed the face of photography for ever, but this means that it is no longer professional for businesses to use second-rate images. We offer digital image post productiion to deliver high-end photographs and graphics.


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